Selasa, 21 Februari 2012

[GAT]10 Cash prizes up for grabs today, the more you surf the more you can win!


We are having an in house promo today at GAT.

The more you surf, the more chances you have to win:

Surf at least 50 to qualify for:
3 x $1/100/100/100

Surf at least 100 to qualify for:
3 x $3/300/300/300

Surf at least 150 to qualify for:
3 x $5/500/500/500

Surf at least 200 to qualify for:

1 x $10/1000/1000/1000

Each drawing is held separate, so you can win
multiple times as long as you qualify. Surfing at
least 200 today qualifies you for all 4 drawings!

To Your Success,
Jason Wise

Jason Wise

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